USBClient, 4 Coms and deploy


On my project, I need 4 COM ports to connect 4 devices (IMU, 2* NMEA, XBee).
I need also the USB Client to communicate with a PC.

When I use the USB to deploy my app, I can’t use it to communicate with the PC.
And when I use the COM1 to deploy, this port is unavailable in my app.

Is there a solution or I need to sacrifice a function ?

The magic word is CDC (Virtual Serial Port) : [url]

You can add USB<->serial cables if you are using a FEZ with USB host, like Domino.

So, if i want to use the USBClient Port with USB Mass Storage Class, I can’t deploy my app through this port?

By using a USB<->serial cable on the USBHost, I will create a new COM Port (Com5). So, USBClient will work as a USB Mass Storage and the COM1 as debug port.

USB Clinet should be used for one thing. If you want it for mass storage then you have to use COM1 for debugging.

What devices you add and use on USB Host port has no effect on USB Client port. They use complete separate hardware/software.

So, yes you can have 10 serial port on USB host + mass storage on USB client + debug on COM1 + use COM2/COM3/COM4 + SD card + … list goes on :slight_smile: Pretty cool, right?