USBC_CDC , can the baudrate be changed?

you can use this device as a virtual comport next to the usb debugging but can the baudrate be changed ?

baudrate of cdc does not mean anything as it is a virtual port on USB. There’s no setting such as handshake or baudrate for CDC on GHI side nor on Computer side (at least on windows).

The only thing I can say, is that it seems really fast (even better than a traditionnal com port).

However you have to know that GHI plans to not maintain this functionnalities in future release of the premimu library.

I believe that Gus said the CDC+Debugging functionality was not going to be supported, not CDC.

Ok sorry for this error but the question was conecerning CDC next to debugging

yes but why not support it anymore what is the underlying thougt ? for my use of the spider it is quite practical.

It seems that maintaining it for the 4.2 SDK may cause problem

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