USB2 mass storage not detected during startup using G400

Hi there

my application uses sqlite datebase stored onto an usb2 mass-storage.
if there is an unexptected shutdown or call of Reboot (microsoft spot lib) sometimes the contents of the storage device are not detected.
the mass storage itself is ok, no filesystem error and no damages at database.
any format actions on filesystem don’t lead to changes in behave.

in very bad cases, I have to download a new firmware to g400 controller to enable the system for starting up using datebase connection.

one issue I’ve found out: since I disposed the database object, there have been no more errors.

question: are there also at network interface similar requirements? do I have to cleanup all network before restart?
I’d an incident, where the dhcp client of g400 did’nt work until I powered down and up the whole system

please help!! my default startup device is usb massstorage, therefore the whole application will be stopped


One thing I did not understand, why would you need to upload the G400 firmware? Corrupted files on a media is normal but why would this effect the firmware?!

yea, this is cracy fact. there was really no way to continue with any usb2 mass-storage. I’ve checked various types that have been used in past with success. for me it seems as if there is a sort of memory area on the ghi controller, which is remanent.

  1. remanent against software-reboot (see dhcp forum entry)
  2. in my case remanent against any power off.

the tricky thing maybe the database state. possibly an open sqlite database linked onto an usb mass-storage uses cash or temporary information to do transaction handling and something else. this theory is supported by the fact, that if I close the database per software as far as now usb mass-storage detection problems will not any more occur.

to eliminate SQLite, is it possible to modify your app for testing purposes to not use that, or to at least block attempting to start your SQLite code if the drive is not visible/responding in your startup code?

Since you’ve talked about two issues, can you double check what SDK version and firmware version you’re running? Is it the most up-to-date 4.3 SDK?