USB Tutorial on Fez Duino

I was following the examples in the Tutorial section for TinyClr2. I ran the WinUSB example and now can’t connect to the duino from Vis Studio. TinyCLR Config can’t locate the board either. Device manager on the host computer shows the Serial Bus “Product_Name” when ever the board is connected via usb so that part worked fine. Is there some way to reset the duino. Tried the reset button but that didn’t seem to do anything. I’ve recycled everything a dozen times as well.

The code in the tutorial ran to the line Debug.WriteLine("UsbClient Connected");. I didn’t put the listener which is probably the undoing of the whole thing.

How do I delete the “Product_Name” usb device and establish connection to the board again?


Hold the APP button down to stop your application from running.

Like the tutorial explains, you need to debug using serial port to free up USB for your own use. This means you need USB port connected to your PC. You can use USB to serial chip like FTDI if you like.