USB Smart Card reader


I am working on a project where we are using Embedded Master (right now running 3.0.3, but we are planning om moving to 4.1 soon).

We need to use a USB Smart Card reader supporting the PC/SC API, like these two:

Is this possible “Out of the box” ? If not, can we get GHI to make a driver ? Can I make a driver myself ?

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Plug it in and try it please. If it doesn’t work then let contact us directly and we will make it for for you

So there is support :slight_smile:

Any code samples?

Sorry I wasn’t clear :slight_smile:

I have heard that some of these come with CDC class or MSC class to simplify using them with PCs. and I also heard that these have specific class.

I am not the GHI USB expert but I was only saying that if it didn’t work then GHI can make it work for you. The fee to make this happen will be a lot less than any other option out there.

I can’t open the links. But there is driver comes with the USB Smart Card Reader from manufacturers, i think it is best to use the drive, if you don’t find the drive from the package when you received the USB smart card reader, you can ask the drive from your retailer. The usb smart card reader SYNCOTEK SC-600P ( ) also supports PC/SC, you can take a review from the manufacturer website.

@ AilsaPF - Welcome to the forum. This post is 5 years old so I would think Ronny has resolved his issue by now!

Yeah, i think so. Just want to leave the information for others who have the same need.