USB PTP / MTP for Camera remote controlling

Hello! I work at the moment on a small project with the goal to have a device which can trigger DSLR cameras and flashes on any analog or digital input event. (e.g. Sound, Light, light barrier,…).

At the moment I do the triggering for Cameras via Infrared and for flashes I use an optocoupler and some cables. For a proof of concept that was just enough but my final goal would be to directly control the camera via USB so that the device is able to set aperture and shutter speed directly before triggering.

My question is now. Has anyone already implemented PTP / MTP for the NETMF or via RLP? If there is something that would be a great start for me. I have the Nikon SDKs with descriptions of their vendor specific MTP commands but I don’t have the main protocol specs.



Looks like you are the first one! Interesting project. Keep us updated on your progress.