USB Problems and Windows 7 64 Bit

It may be obvious to many but not all so I am posting this suggestion.

On the far right of Windows Taskbar you will see a little USB Icon with a green background and a white check mark. (Unless you have changed the Windows Theam).

Can I suggest… USE IT! <-----------------

I have had many problems with my windows 7 64 bit when using USB. Especially when using my Gadgeteer mainboards.

I have now made it a point to ALWAYS use the ‘Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media’

You will see your device and select it.

Example: Eject G400

I have had ZERO USB problems since I have made it a habit to Eject my device before shutting down Windows and/or before removing the Gadgeteer device USB cable.

Just something I should have always done but did not. Now I DO!

What kind of problems were you seeing?

I’ve never really had any problems and I pretty much never use the “safely remove” option. It’s basically only there to make sure windows closes any IO operations it’s doing on the device at the time to prevent corruption with storage devices. Even then, most devices have the “quick remove” option selected by default so they can be removed without having to “safely remove” as all of the underlying work of it is done automatically behind the scenes.

If you’re unsure though, definitely use “safely remove” to cut down on potential issues.

Out of curiosity; what problems were you having? Maybe this might seem a little more relevant if we knew what issues you fixed. Glad you fixed whatever problems you were having.

@ Kirlac -

If you’re unsure though…

All I know is that I have had to reimage my Windows 7 for the fourth time. What a pain!

I cannot prove it, but I am sure it is related to a USB issue. In fact I have removed all USB devices I had connected and even went back to using a PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

When my PC failed it was always when I was previously using the USB for my Spider or the G400 mainboard.

Note: My PC has two USB3 root hubs but supports older USB.

When the problem occurs it is always something like pressing the reset button on my spider (Pressing reset on my G400 does not seem to be a problem) or after shutting down my PC with the USB Client DP cable connected.

Windows 7, on the next power on cycle, goes into a forced system repair that takes forever and never fixes anything. The only way to stop the crash dump and forced system repair is the use a CD system boot and reimage using a backup image. A REAL pain!

All I was saying is I have no problem (Knock on wood) since using the EJECT USB.
(I know that will not help when pressing ‘reset’ on the Spider)

I only posted as a suggestion… Not a ‘cure all’

My PC never gives me any problems except for what I feel is a USB driver issue. (Windows forced hardware shutdown). I have used WinUsb and GHI USB drivers when the crash occurred.

@ willgeorge - I am having a similar issue with Windows 7 64 “BSOD”. I am using win_usb driver. I have found if I am debugging and don’t stop debugging before hitting the reset button on the spider I will get a BSOD. Another way I get a BSOD is if I start a debug session and the spider doesn’t start running the app, if I were to unplug the usb it will BSOD.

Question, for me it seems that it I have a project that uses the Ethernet then I will get the BSOD. But if I don’t I never see them.

I also have a hydra and have never had a BOSD using it.

Does you project use the Ethernet?