USB problem on G80 chip

We have produced a board with a G80 chip.
Windows every time we connect usb says USB not recognized.
We have one resistor on 33 ohm on D+ and one of 33 ohm on D-



@ Matteo82 -

12Mhz crystal ? USB trace routing ?

Portions of schematic or PCB images will help others to help out.


@ Matteo82 - mode pin?

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We develop a new board and it was deliverd hust a couple of week ago.
We still have some problem on usb.
I’ve attached schematic of parts of usb.
Pin mode is on USB, If I remove jumper I can see ned device in device list of windows named GHI bootloader on serial port.
Nothing else.



What you are seeing is correct. Now load the firmware version you wish to load.

Wich tool have I to use to load firmware into G80? same of emx?
Problem is when I try to ping Com interface it says no response.


I’ve selected com 5 and tried to ping.
That’s result.
Strange thing I have LDR0 to 3.8 V and it ghi bootloader.
And Mode to 3.8 and it says serial comunication.


Ping works with the firmware, which you do not have loaded on your chip yet.

The second tab on the tool is “Firmware Updater”. That is what you need.

When I try to upload using firmware it says that no communication on com.

You can try to do it manually. The steps are here

Perfect it works, I never receive Chip without firmware, and I didn’t think about that.

Just last info, is it possibile to deploy firmware using ethernet, that aplication will have in the same machine 12 cpu connected via ethernet…

Let me know.


Only serial and USB