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USB Prank Pinouts?


Is there a diagram of the pinouts on the USB Prank available somewhere?


Right on the product page. At least was there.:slight_smile:


Yeah it is gone!


All pinouts are on mbed,


Awesome. Thanks, Gary.

Would probably be a good idea to mention that in the product listing. While I’m sure some folks may just want it to prank their friends or co-workers, when there are pins available, many folks are going to want to know what they can do with them. :slight_smile:


@ devhammer - Anything for you, ;D I will take care of it first thing in the morning, I have Sunday football games with the kids.


Well, since you put it that way, can you help me out with a new Maserati while you’re at it? :wink:

Seriously, though, if you make updates to the website on a Sunday, I hope your family beats you silly. :slight_smile:


@ devhammer - lol, I often work on Sundays while watching the Lions lose!


@ devhammer - So, we changed some of the wording to make it easier to understand where to get pinouts etc.


Awesome. Thanks for following up on the feedback!


@ devhammer - you caught me on a good day…lol