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USB interface problem


I am a newbie and considering to purchase 2 cobra boards. In view of this I like to know if any of you out there have any idea how to interface these 2 boards via the USB host and device port to interchange data between the 2 boards in a standalone application. I assume that the Cobra host USB port is capable of hosting a USB hub with 4 ports. Is there any .net code available to address this issue of interfacing via USB. :smiley:

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So you want to connect the 2 FEZ Cobra boards using USB cable? Yes you can do that but I do not understand why you need this configuration? Why not Ethernet or serial for example?


Embedded host likely can’t handle hubs. Cable host to device is OK.
What do you actually want to transfer? There may be better ways.


Our host support includes hub support for sure



Both cards will be equipped with hardware application controlled by USB ports like sensors,imu, etc. further each board will be equipped with a usb camera and each board requires in real time the picture from other other board for certain processes. Further the 2 boards will most likely be connected to mini2440 or similar. As such ethernet or serial inter-board processing are likely to slow. So process flow anticipated is as follows: sensor usb device to say cobra1 usb host (info may also preprocessed here) via cobra1 usb device to cobra2 usb host. manipulated here or send via cobra1 device to mini2440 resp visa-verse. In view of this and to spare some time is there source/software that allows the Cobre USB host port to talk to Cobra USB device port between boards and on the same board ( transparency between host usb and usb device ports on the same board).


USB Camera ? AFAIK this may involve creating a new driver for your Camera.