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USB Host for unrecognized devices


I have a 3D Connexion 3d mouse that I was to connect to .netmf. I’ve tried using the raw device but the device just isn’t showing up on my CerbBee. I was powering it externally but still no startup.

What could be the problem?

using GHI.Usb.Host;
using Microsoft.SPOT;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;
using System.Threading;

public class Program {

    public static void Main() {

        Controller.UnknownDeviceConnected += Controller_UnknownDeviceConnected;
    static void Controller_UnknownDeviceConnected(object sender, Controller.UnknownDeviceConnectedEventArgs e) {
        throw new System.NotImplementedException(); //<- never get's thrown


Check if any other events are firing.

Controller.JoystickConnected += Controller_JoystickConnected;
        Controller.KeyboardConnected += Controller_KeyboardConnected;
        Controller.MassStorageConnected += Controller_MassStorageConnected;
        Controller.MouseConnected += Controller_MouseConnected;
        Controller.UsbSerialConnected += Controller_UsbSerialConnected;
        Controller.UnknownDeviceConnected += Controller_UnknownDeviceConnected;
        Controller.WebcamConnected += Controller_WebcamConnected;

None of the events are being raised with the 3D mouse. I can get the event to raise with Mass storage though.


@ Mr. John Smith - Does the event get raised on an EMX, G120, or G400?


Maybe your mouse has a USB negociation scheme that is not compliant with GHI devices. Can you give the PID and Device class shown by windows for your mouse?


Hit reset button if use VS to debug. There is a bug the USB core does not reset completely if only reset CLR.


Hi Dat Am I wrong or this bug is not reported?


@ leforban -
you are right.
We just found when we tried to reproduce a different bug.


@ John - I don’t have other .netmf devices to check so I don’t know if it works on the G120 and others.

@ Dat - Reset button?

@ andre - LoL bug love.

@ leforban - Class : HIDClass, PID : N4311340355


Hum, I’ve tested 2 different mass storage devices and they both work. 2 different mice but only 1 works. Lastly I tried a usb serial dongle, and that didn’t work either.