Usb host events

I have some questions :

  1. what is difference between these events :


```cs]Controller.UsbSerialConnected += Controller_UsbSerialConnected;[/code


```cs] Controller.RawDeviceConnected += Controller_RawDeviceConnected;[/code

2) this is very important for me to know if there anyway to [b]execute [/b]any other event (except those in documentation) as result of connecting a usb device to USB Host?

simplistically, the first is for a device not recognised by the firmware, the second is when a recognised USB-to-serial (eg FTDI) device is connected, and the third is when a device with a raw stream is connected.

For a list of events, go to the source of truth, the documentation library. But exactly what do you mean by execute an event not in documentation ?

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thanks, helps a bit to figure out I have a transfer error, I couldn’t find what error 2 means :clap:

@ Ehsan Ansari and Brett - UnknownDeviceConnected replaced RawDeviceConnected in one of the recent SDKs. Otherwise Brett is correct.

great, I was having trouble thinking the best way to describe how they may be different… is the direct link to the doco for the controller and shows the devices in question as well as the connection failure event.