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USB Host and serial



I have a Domino and I try to connect my smartphone to the card via USB to enable PPP.

The phone expose a CDC interface (USB class 02 and 0A), but 2 other custom interfaces.

The device type is defined to unknown.

I tried this : USBH_SerialUSB usu = new USBH_SerialUSB(device, 2400, System.IO.Ports.Parity.None, 8, System.IO.Ports.StopBits.One);

But I get an generic exception.

How can I enable USB CDC manually?


I finally got the USB Serial to work, but I just discovered that the Domino does not support PPP…

Is there a way to get that to work?


USBizi (the base of domino) doesn’t have PPP nor has built in TCP/IP stack. You need EMX (FEZ Cobra) to do that


Is it possible to implement TCP/IP or IPX via RLP for exemple?
USBizi has a built-in Ethernet MAC, so I think there is a way to use some IP…


It is possible theoretically but you will be using all your system resources…and with PPP it will be too much. FEZ Cobra can do all that and a lot more with ease :slight_smile:


It appears that TCP / IP and PPP are already implemented in the SDK of the chip : See the bottom of this page :

But in this case the chip is used without MF and with the embedded Ethernet.

I’m interested in Cobra but I can’t buy one for now…


The NetDuino ( uses the lwIP TCP/IP + PPP stack. Is it possible to use it on a Domino?


There is no PPP there for sure! Lwip is part of standard NETMF PK build so this is not specific to any device. But if you note, that the board you pointed out has much less software libraries than GHI’s firmware and it is still already using most of its memory due to having lwip stack (it doesn’t even have crypto libs in standard build). GHI have looked into this before and we decided that lwip + the other features added will simply be more than system available resources. For that, there is EMX/FEZ Cobra.


Ah you’re right there is no PPP. For sure there is more libs on the Domino (that’s why I have one), but I think they had a good idea : They have 2 firmwares : With and without networking.

I think I will buy a Cobra someday but I can’t for now…


GHI’;s firmware with networking and all the features leaves your domino with plenty of resources :slight_smile: There is no need to make 2 firmware versions for domino :wink:


You could use uip on RLP and write a small PPP version. I’ve done it in the past on a HC11 using less than 10K… its a little tricky to use uip as it does not rely on multitasking but it does the work.