USB for both programming & application communication

Hello guys,

I would like to use the USB interface to both deploy my application to the FEZ Domino board (when in program mode) and ALSO use the USB interface (in run mode) for my PC application to communicate with Domino application.

I know how to program my Domino, but I do not know how to use the USB interface (while in run mode) to communicate between my PC and domino board.

Do any of you good folks have sample code or documentation on using the USB interface while in ‘run’ mode ? Sample code for the Domino board and the PC would be extremely helpful.

Great product ! / Thanks much,
Larry Scott :slight_smile:

This is an advanced topic and only available in beta release

We will be updating the book to detail how this is done by the time a public release is out so you can use it.

I have been employed as a technical lead and written USB device drivers for commercial products at a leading semiconductor manufacturer (references available). I would be interested to write the device drivers to support this functionality… if you folks are interested.

Like I said, We already have USB client feature complete.

If you are experienced user and you need access to the beta then you can email/call GHI directly explaining why and we almost always respond with a link to the beta SDK download. It is not public to keep non-experienced users away from the beta :slight_smile:

See USB client namespace here