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USB Errors


I am getting occasional USB read/write errors. Has anyone experienced anything like this. When the code below is executed sometimes the bytes read back are 0 instead of 4. This only happens once in a while and it appears that the USB connection is interrupted… At first we thought it was a noise problem with the USB bus, but now we have a very low noise environment and it is still occurring.

bytesRead = ReadPipe.TransferData(result, 0, result.Length);


What are you connecting to? Does it draw a lot of power?

I had problems when writing the XBox360 controller driver with my USB port not being able to supply enough power to run both rumble motors at full power. I had the same issues you were describing as the device browned out.


That is a helpful suggestion… I will look into that posibility… Thank you!


If there are errors, it throws exceptions. Are you getting disconnect events when this happens?..