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Usb endpoint0



I am writing the code of the usb client.
I found a lot of sample codes which used endpoint1 and endpoint2.
However, I want to use endpoint0.
Does not anyone know?


You understand that EP0 is used for control transfers right? Why do you need EP0?


Yes, understands.
For instance, I want to respond to the standard request that it should be supported by the USB printer class.
It is done through EP0.


Look at the USBH_RawDevice class. There is SendSetupTranfer(…). It takes standard parameters for EP0 transfers


Thank you for some replies.

I want to respond to a standard request as USB client.

Not USB Host.



It is Class-Specific Requests.
It is not a standard request.


Oh, I missed that.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for the client. Accessing EP0 needs advanced functionality. NETMF doesn’t support it.


That’s too bad.
I think that .NETMF should be able to do it.