USB Drivers for USB Client

Hello all.

As I am new to hardware development, I have a question regard USB client functionality.
I am hoping to develop consumer devices. That is, a device that can be sold and used with minimal effort.

An example of this would be connecting a device to a computer that is running a program that gives and collects information from the device (i.e. use the computer to tell a robot to go left, which the board translates into servo movement.). To this end, I would like the devices to be plug and play and not require the user to install drivers.

Based on what I have read about the GHI offerings, they all require USB drivers to function. Is this correct?
Is it possible for the development boards to operate in client mode without extra drivers beyond plug and play?

They all require drivers for debugging and loading your code.

Your product can change USB to expose itself as HID then no drivers are needed. Search tutorials and code share for examples please.

If you are serious and a comercial product and the only thing stoping you is the USB drivers then why not hire GHI or others to do that part for you? Just an option.

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Thanks for the reply Gus.
I’ll go ahead and look into the code.

There are a couple of reasons that I want plug and play functionality.
The first is that I want there to be no resistance to use; the user shouldn’t have to install any drivers.
The second is that I intend to use these with WinRT devices, which do not allow installation of drivers.

You’ll want to explicitly check what the WinRT API exposes that you can access before you embark on a journey too far.


Two things:

  1. First, let me rephrase that and say that I would like my devices to work with WinRT devices.
  2. And definitely a good point regarding what WinRT exposes. I’ve just begun my research but there are some sources that say it maybe possible. I’ll update this thread when I have a definite answer for sure.