USB driver problems with the October 24th release

I have got a problem with the new installation of the new USB driver with Win xp servicepack 3. After the succesfull installation of the new tinybooter and a restart of the device I have to tell windows the position of the driver. Well no problem so far. During the installation of the driver i always get the error message “a installationpart of the INF is wrong”. Are there any know issus about win xp? i tried two different boards and two different pcs. Always the same error.
I am using a FEZ Cerberus

This is a known issue with solution coming next week.

Thank you for the fast answer

I have the same problem with XP SP3 and Cerberus. (
I dropped back to frimware and old USB drivers waiting for a fix.
Glad to hear that a solution is coming next week.