USB driver for he FEZ

I’m trying to locate the USB driver fr he FEZ using the latest SDK. Where should it be because I think its missing?
Where can I find the documentation on how to connect the FEZ to a PC?

“Where should it be because I think its missing?”

Are you sure? Is this what you are looking for?
C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.0 SDK\USB Drivers

Please follow the tutorial to the exact steps. It tells you how everything runs and even shows you how to install the USB drivers.
Go to the download page and open “FEZ Beginner tutorial”

One area where the FEZ needs improvement is with the USB driver. I have Windows 7, and it was kind of picky about how the driver was installed. Instead of relying on the customer to find the SDK folder, and figure out how to manually install the driver (not so Freakin’ easy for joe doe), there should just be an installer that does all of that for you.

This installer should install both the USB driver, and the virtual serial port driver.

The tutorial tells you exactly where the driver is and how to install it (page 12)

Follow the instructions and you should have no issues