USB Digital Power Meter

I ran into this by accident on amazon. I have something similar but cost much more. Just thought I would share…

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GHI used to make something similar on their Outrageous Circuits site called the USB Powermate. I don’t think you can get them anywhere now, though.

I have something similar from Adafruit.

Sadly the one VersaModule linked to is “not available to ship to Jakarta” :frowning:

AliExpress for the win…,searchweb201602_3_10037_10017_405_404_10033_10032_10040,searchweb201603_11&btsid=41aa633c-9de8-45c1-b1fe-915cf945aefb

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Nice one Niels. I’ve just order 2 of them. I like Aliexpress as they use an e-scrow type service which means the seller doesn’t get paid until you say you received the goods. :slight_smile:

I received mind yesterday and apart from the fact it could do with 3 decimal places on the AMPS it works great.

At first I thought, damn it’s upside down on the desktop connectors but then I spotted that it works either way around. They have a thin PCB with connections on both sides. Clever.