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the codes and samples provided either with the dev kit or on are really helpfull to get started with new project.
Could it be possible to get a sample (even very basic) that would make a dev kit behave like a HID, mouse or keyboard on a PC ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Have you look in the docs?


All three are here.

Cheers Ian


Perfect. I lokked at the last link which is pretty well what I was looking for.
I tried the Mass Storage device but I did not succeed to expose something else than the SD card content. Is there a way to expose files which are not really existing on the card but which could be created and returned to the USB Host on request?


It should work. You can use SD cards or USB thumb drives… You just provide a PersistantStorage object.


I can’t really help you with this yet!! I’m working on a data logger that auto switches to MSD when plugged into a PC then switches back to persistent storage when disconnected…

I know from the GHI guy’s that you CAN NOT read/write the SD whilst in MSD mode (not enough buffer space for two access points)

There are quite a few SD examples on just type SD and search.

Cheers Ian