USB Debugging with Virtual COM Channel - on OS X

I am using the USB Debugging with Virtual COM Channel driver found on this page

… which works great on my windows machines - both 32 and 64 bit. The problem is using the mac with OS X.

I saw the related post on CDC on OS X and the related code is very nice but seems to be mac only. Is there no unified solution to using CDC with OS X and windows? If not - is there any other way to communicate with both the mac and a PC at USB speed?

We saw the post in the same thread with the open source CDC drivers for the mac. The mac expert doing this has found some CDC drivers and even had them show as installed, but still no extra ports show up.

If anyone has experience getting this working on OS X - even if it was using windows virtual machine that would be helpful.

At my home office I am doing all .NET MF development in a Windows 7 Virtual machine under Fusion.

To avoid issues, I plug the FEZ into a USB hub after the Windows 7 machine has fully booted, and remove it before powering down the virtual machine. If I leave the FEZ in, OS X sometimes gets a little confused and causes problems when the VM is restarted.

Thank you for the info … I’ll pass that along and report results of the CDC driver working if he can load such a virtual machine.

Just an update - we decided to get a windows box and run on that just to assure everything else is working fine before we re-attack the mac issue. On windows we found the CDC virtual COM driver not working but it seems to be related to needing SP3 on XP (similar to another post). I’ll post exact details on that unrelated issue with clear easy to search out terms for anyone else having CDC Virtual COM woes with XP as well once we get that installed correctly.

When / If we get Virtual COM working on the mac in any way - I’ll post details on this thread.