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USB current probe


As some of my work will be current sensitive I built a small breakout probe so I can measure the current directly on the USB cable.

(link removed)
Hopefully someone will find it useful :slight_smile:


I tried measuring current when my breadboard-wired 7805 5V regulator got alarmingly hot. But because I was using multiple servos, the load varies greatly depending on how many servos are running at the time and I believe there’s a surge when the servo starts, I was never sure what was the peak value.

I presume expensive multitesters and scopes can do this by latching the peak value.
Does anyone have a tip on measuring peak current using a “regular” digital multitester?

PS: I have since installed a heatsink and that took care of the heat issue.


That is pretty smart! I will make me one of those 8)


I added a category at the bottom. 200 points thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you Gus.
Hopefully someone finds it useful as it’s an fast and easy hack.