USB Crashes my Windows 7 64 bit -

I am modifying this post because I may know why I had the cash…

I forgot that in the past I had some problems using a auxiliary power supply connected to the USB Client DP AND ALSO had a power connection to my USB Hub.

I just noticed that when I booted up this morning I had BOTH power connections and I should have had ONLY the USB Client DP connected to my auxiliary power supply.

I am pretty sure that caused the problem…

… End Mod…

This morning (1 AM) I started my PC and I had Crash Dump and forced Startup Repair that failed. About two hours later I got my PC back.

The Spider had running code when I last used it. The last main board used was my G400HDR/G400-D that I had problems with deploy that finally worked and the application ran as intended.

I try not to boot with a USB connection but I forgot and had a USB connection to my Spider when I booted my PC.

At this point I would like to ask what USB driver should I be using on a Windows 7 64 Bit?

GHI drivers or the WinUSB driver?

I usually use my Spider and/or my new G400.

I also have another question. (Is more than one at a time allowed?)

The USB Friendly name for the spider is Gadgeteer.

Is the USB Friendly name for the G400 - G400?

No gripes… Just two questions.


Winusb is better if it works for you.

@ Gus -

I used it in the past but for some reason I went back to the GHI driver.

I’ll go back to WinUSB and try for awhile.

Is the G400 USB friendly name D400?

The USB Friendly name should be G400… where is D400 coming from?

on my win7 machine, Cerberus development, winusb is much much faster, I didn’t realize how slow the old interface was until I tried it, I strongly recommend winusb driver, this should be highlighted somewhere

I should have mentioned this is vs2012

@ Aron -

Sorry… I wanted to type G400… For some reason I keep using D400… Old brain I guess…

Thanks for the reply…

It is G400. I just wanted to know if it should be that.