USB connector to provide power via battery?

I’ve been waiting for the DP module to become available, but there apparently is a backlog.

According to this site (, the USB wiring spec has VCC on pin 1 and Gnd on pin 4.

Could I just cut the end off a cable and wire in my battery and use that power my FEZ (either Domino or future Gadgeteer device)?

Anything to be wary of if I were to take this approach? For example on the SP module, would this still fall under the watchful eye of the voltage regulator (assuming there is one)?

Why not use

I want to run my FEZ off of a battery. With my Domino I use the barrel plug.

If I only were to have a SP module, then would this be a way to provide power?

Battery --> USB connector --> SP module.

USB power is assumed to be regulated and at 5v. So you would need to handle that, but after that, plugging into the SP module’s USB port should not be an issue in my opinion.

OK. Thanks.

I’m a huge MintyBoost fan. This awesome little kit from Adafruit gets you regulated 5V USB power from as little as 2 AA batteries. I use it with a 6600 mAh LiPo to provide long lasting juice for a variety of gadgets. IT’s a very easy kit to solder.