USB Client DP

I have got a question to the USB Client DP supply.
I have a application that draw a current for about 1A. So the current from the USB is not enough. So I connect a externel supplay over the Barrel jack. Now I want to debug and deploy the application at the same time. So I connect the USB to the board and now It seems like
that is dead. Is this not safe ? How I can debug and deploy a application that draw more than USB can supply ?

Hello Andre,
the USB Connection seems to be death. Because I can’t powering a board over the USB that is on the Client DP.
The Connection over the Barrel jacket seems to be Ok. So I can still powering the board over the the Barrel jacket but not over USB.
And the PC also don’t recognize the Board, when I plug the USB into the PC. Do I make anything wrong ?

Ok I find another Point. When I powered the Client over Barrel jacket everythings Ok. And when I plug the USB when all LED’s goes off.
And the board is not powering anymore. And when the IC1 goes very hot, even when I unplugged the board.

@ CS5798 - The DP module is limited to 800ma regardless of the DC source. Running an extended amount of time at 1amp will cause the regulator to get very hot and die.

The 12V input will only get you an additional 300ma over using the USB.

Ok I think I have draw too much power over the Client DP. Now I have a Client SP. I will reduce the current by using a second
power supply. If I understand it right it doesn’t matter if I use the barrel jacket or the USB, the current is always limited to 800mA ?
What means TBD in the Specifiaction of the Client SP “Power Consumption  800 @ 3.3 V, TBD @ 5 V mA” ?
Is it safe to power the Client SP with a USB Powerbank ?

on the TBD comment. Power consumption doesn’t really make sense on a power supply module, so don’t wait for that information to ever be populated. That field is there for the modules that consume power.

To get back to a known state, disconnect your power hungry module from everything and ensure your SP and DP modules will power up a mainboard on their own when connected to the D socket. That will show if you have or have not damaged the power supply module or the mainboard.

I have make some Test and it seems like the Client DP is death.
Now I reduced the power and connect the SP module and now it works.
Thanks to all for help.