USB Client DP Module

I recently lost a power module after I plugged in an XBee module. I’m running the following modules:

Micro SD

I added up all the load for these and it about 361 mA.
I have been running in this configuration for months. Then plugged in an XBee module and the Power module died.

The XBee is rated at 40 mA so the total load is around 400 mA which is about 50% of the rated DP Module.

With the new DP Module it works fine but I noticed the 3.3 regulator runs very hot.

My question is has anyone install any heat sinks on the regulator?

Is it possible there is a short on the XBee module?

Could be but its working fine with the new power module. The regular runs hot even without the XBee plugged in. I just don’t like chips running that hot and though about putting a heat sink on it.

What are you using to power the DP module?

A powered USB hub 3A.

You are saying that IC7 is the one heating up?

Yes too hot to touch.

Does IC7 get very hot if you do not have the XBee module plugged in?

I can’t tell any difference by touching it. I need to find some way of actually measuring the temp.

There really is no way for me to think to test the temp unless you had an inferred thermometer or some kind of thermometer that you can place on the chip and read it.

I have some old heat sinks so I’m going to figure out a way to add one. I might have to lift the chip from the board.