USB Client DP Module Specs needed


Is this the measurements of the connector for the USB Client DP Module: 5.5mm OD & 2.1mm ID barrel jack?

Can I hook the module directly to a 24VDC Lead acid battery pack? If yes, is it still okay to have the USB power plugged in at the same time?


The DP module specifications say it will support up to 30V @ 800ma.

But, remember that the input voltage goes into a 5V regulator. So, if you put 24V into the unit, 19V * current-draw watts would have to be dissipated as heat. At the 800ma, the max current for the module, that would be 15 watts. This would be a lot of heat.

I find the 30V@ 800ma to be a little unrealistic for a module without a heat sink? ::slight_smile:

Yes for size and yes for voltage and using dual power.

We always put the voltage limits right on the board by the way.

No mike :slight_smile: this is switching power supply. 30v will not result in heat. Yep it is a nice power module :slight_smile:

WOW! :-[

Why can’t I connect a 5V DC, 1A source to the DP? That would be so much easier since my motor controller provides a stable 5V DC source.

I am confused. You need 24v or 5v?

Sorry, the DP Module says 7V to 30V. So I assumed that 7V is the minimum. The source on my motor controller only outputs 5V and my only other source is the battery pack which is 24V. Are you saying that 5V DC is okay?

Any voltage from 7 to 30 will work, including your 24v

If you want a regulated 5V DC input, you could use the USB connector instead.