USB client DP blinking

Hello, here is my basic setup:

2- 12 v 12ah lead acid batteries run in series to produce 24 volts
2- Motor Driver L298 Modules
1- FEZ Spider
1- USB client DP

Everything was fine until I passed instructions to control the motors and the board started smoking. I turned it out and now it will not power up just blink. The specs on the motor drivers state they can handle 40v however only up to 3 A. Is it possilbe my motors pull too many amps for them?

Either way is there a way to return my modules to get them tested?

USB DP module LED blinking means you’re trying to pull too many amps. The DP can only provide 800mA.

Which module or modules now work? Disconnect everything and only use the Fez mainboard and the DP module, confirm that the DP module doesn’t flash. Then, add the other modules back individually and you’ll probably find one that is fried (or both).

And yes, it’s highly likely that your motors were the cause. What power do they need to run, what type of motor are they, what are they actually driving, and what is their stall current ?

What socket is your DP plugged into? It looks like #4 in the photo.

Are you putting 24v into the DP module?

A way to check on the DP is use the GHI Gadgeteer camera. If you have this, then can plug it directly into the DP, then DP into your computer via usb. Your computer should recognize it as a USB Camera. (so just 2 modules total, 1 ribbon and 1 USB cable).

Also, a couple more pointers/thoughts.

WiFi module draws a lot of current. Certainly try without connecting it.

You need to show us how your DP module and 12v/24/v is connected. The picture doesn’t show the detail at that point.

My DP is plugged into #1.

Yes I am running 24v into the DP module.

I just found out my motors may be pulling 15 amps per side though and maybe that’s why I am having this issue.

The two 12v batteries are basically just run in a simple series to get 24v and ran into the inputs of the controllers.

Can I get an RMA to send my modules for repair?

please contact ghi directly for rma