USB CDC on Windows 10 IoT

Is USB CDC Supported on Windows 10 IoT? Do I need some sort of driver? can someone test this and just let me know.

Anything that needs a different driver will likely have problems (unless you’re using IoT on a x86 device). Having said that, does the recent SDK pre-release do something with CDC?

Yes. I just read the pre release document for the 2016 sdk and it says that USB CDC is making a comeback. So I wanted to know if this was natively supported in Windows IoT, or if the driver would also work on IoT. Specifically on the RPi

ok, less subtly this time :slight_smile:

That post that you are privy to, that many others reading your post may not be privy to, might be a better place to discuss specifics. As far as IoT on RPi, if you need a driver that is not in-box, you’ll have problems. Serial is supported, in general. CP2102 and FTDI type USB connections are also supported. But to get into the details, you might have to try it yourself

Post that I’m privy to? I read about the CDC in the news :

[quote]CDC over USB client on G30[/quote] = epic.