USB Camera recommendations

Hey Gadgeteers

I would like to know what solutions you have come up with for usb camera image capture.

The “fast” ghi camera module is very lo-res (320x240) and the slightly higher res module (640x480) is serial and thus pretty slow (6=7 seconds per image, and prone to the NETMF serial stream bug)

Does anyone have any recommendations for a higher res USB (Non Serial) camera that can capture higher resolution (1080p) at least at a couple FPS?

Or maybe an interface to a standard dslr that can be used to capture images that way?

I know GHI is working on some new camera modules, but I’d like to know what people have used for this type of application…


You could consider using this:

I am not sure of what are the requirements for webcams. Mine did work well, but it was only able to stream low resolutions (it was capable of doing 2MP).

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What main board were you using? A Raptor? Cerberus?

Cobra II

And I am pretty sure that if you want to have a challenge, you could try writing a driver for your USB device. GHI gives you all the instruments to do this job.

@ mtylerjr - You could check and see if this is still available: