USB Camera models - compatibles

Are there any compatible USB Cameras with the FEZ Webcam Library (other than that one on sale on your wepage) ? I would be glad for an anwser cuz a distributor in my region is telling me that the USB Cams won’t be available this year :(.

Any webcam with standard video class will work. Those cameras run on Linux and Windows without the need for drivers.

You can use any video camera that is UVC compatible. Many manufacturers support this USB specification, but usually only support a sub-set of the native resolutions. Do a search within the forums for “compatible camera” and you will see lots of discussions.

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I’m sorry for not searching :confused: man i have a tense situation … im Making a Thesis Bachelors degree :confused: and will use .NET Micro Framework… and im trying to complete my hardware and it not an easy task. Thx for the anwser

You are too slow mike :slight_smile: