USB 3G Modem for uploading data


Where can I find a example or project using USB 3G Modem.
I would like use 3G for uploading sensor data to a database in a remote PC.

Thank you very much.

I find a video

But where I can find this project?


You can use a GPRS module but I’m not sure that with USB you can use.
I working to complete a project that it use a connection 3G to send the information and with the GPRS module it’s works.

If you can get the USB modem to get enumerated as a CDC device or USB2Serial device then you can use it with PPP feature supported on EMX and ChipworkX.
Some of community members did that already like Patrick5:

@ max:

Could you tell me what GPRS module did you use?
Did you have blog or document for your project?

@ Joe: Thanks, I am considering use USB moderm or GPRS module.
Which one is easy to use?
I have both ChipworkX and domino.
Thank you.

It is easier to use a serial GPRS modem with ChipworkX.

The Example code with that project is outdated. If you need a working example with the current SDK, take a look at PPP Class under GHI SDK Documentation.

I used a UM175, works on Verizon. If you need any details/etc. please let me know, or I can dig up the original code. I’m taking a “break” from Fezzing but will be back soon :slight_smile:

Dear Patrick5:
Thanks for your information.
I am not sure that if the UM175 can work in my country.
I will check it.
If you can share your code for me I will very appreciate it.


Hi Patrick,

Could you please share your code for UM175…
I’m trying to use sierra 875 USB on Cobra …

thank you

ok, you’ve posted here too…

Look at the information above, in post #3.

8 months old thread :slight_smile: