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URL detection


It looks like the forum URL detection is on the fritz:

That should be changed to a hyperlink, but it isn’t. Someone’s RegEXP pattern needs to be touched up… :think:


I liked it more when the links were automatic


Yeah, that’s what I mean, it’s not automatic anymore :think:


knock knock. Um Excuse me Joshua, were you screwing around with the website again…?



I don’t know if automatic url parsing is a good thing :think: It may be very complicated to deal with special cases. For example if you put an url in a code section because you show a snippet about webservice, you may not want this fake url to point to a “real” link, which wouldn’t exist here.

I personnaly think that the writer should explicitely surround real links with the [ url ][ /url ] tags when needed.

In fact, I want to become Josh’s friend so I try to avoid giving him too much work :smiley:


It was better when it was automatically. ::slight_smile: