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Uploading projects online


Remember to upload your project to (link removed)


what about projects that are similar that is already up there?


This is wiki…it is open for everyone to modify. It is up to you to modify an existing page or add a new one.


Hi Gus
I uploaded my project (link removed) but afterwards Im not sure if this is the type of projects you are looking for? I mean its not all that useful for everyone. Maybe I should upload the code if anyone wanted to have a look?


Awesome project, 400 points.


yes update your code.


Wow, thanks Gus.
Foekie; Ill upload my code. As the project isnt finished yet there will be changes to it later, but Ill update it again on completion.
Will you be interested in only the FEZ code or the Windows application as well?


Windows application too…why not? :slight_smile:


FEZ and Windows code has been uploaded.
If anyone has time to have a look at my FEZ code I would appreciate it. As this is my first C# code there must to be ways to improve it.


Cool, will check it out! Thanks! ;D


I’m sorry but I’m dense. Could someone give a step by step to add a project to the wiki? I see no obvious way to add a page. Say I want to add a project to the PWM area.


Is this what you need? :slight_smile:

I added a link to the main page so future users can find it easier


looks like that would do it. thanks.