Upload pics to TwitPic or Twitter with Gadgeteer

Anyone uploading pictures to TwitPic or Twitter with .NetMF or Gadgeteer?

I have planned to play with it soon, so I am interested as well.

It should not be very complicated as long as you choose the right camera. Twitter does not support bmp formats. And the encoding is still problematic, I havent found a netmf encoding algorithm yet. (Anyone?)

A camera like http://sytechdesigns.com/CameraMod.htm would do the trick.

As for twitter the OAuth can be tricky sometimes.

The MicroTweet project also deserves some credit, but there is no support for pictures http://microtweet.codeplex.com/

Cool topic…

MicroTweet ( https://microtweet.codeplex.com/ ) is great and I’m already using that to send tweets with Gadgeteer, but now the next step is to tweet pics.

Skewworks released some code based on MicroTweet that fixed some problems with MicroTweet. Not sure if they integrated his fixes or not but you might want to compare.


Didn’t know about the Skewworks version and it looks to do more then just sending tweets so I’ll have to give it a look over, thanks.

Yup Skewworks version is tweets only. Sure you could modify it though.