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Upload configuration files at deployment (mfdeploy)



Is there a way to upload files on memory at the deployment (mfdeploy) ? What I want to do is generating files linked with the electronic board at deployment (configuration, …). These special files will be different for another board.

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You can read a device deployment then use that to deploy on other devices



Thank for your answer but what I mean is diferent from a standard deployment. What I want is pushing files on the board and give to the application deployed the references to these files.



Sorry, I am not sure I understand what you need


My goal is to generate (at deployment) a customized file (per deployment, which change at each deployment) on a workstation and then putting (always at deployment) this file in the flash storage.

I think it is not feasible and I have to imagine another solution to get this file. A solution could be letting the application at first boot going to a server and get this file ?

I hope to be more clear



Visual Studio doesn’t really offer what you’re looking for unless you’re going to manually change a file each build and have it included in the build as a resource; that you can do.

Otherwise, yes, you can do a check of build number / EWR to see if you’ve gotten a file since that last update and if not pull it and update EWR.

Hope that helps.


Yes thank you

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