That is a joke, right? If that would be true (and I wish it would), then we should expect to see a new powerful mainboard coming (or something like Raspberry Pi 2 running NETMF). But @ Gus has told us that he sees no need for any further CPU power increase for NETMF :frowning:

Anyway, I could use my 500 Mbps internet connection to see how well does your server handle many simultaneous connections :whistle:

We have a datacenter full of interconnected NETMF boards running the latest in managed network stack technology. We are fully prepared for your assault. Now I’m off to see the Wizard.


It’s not April 1 yet… what’s going on here :open_mouth:


@ jasdev - we don’t know and we will never tell! :whistle:

I believe!. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another change leaked! (below)


Must be running Secret Labs fancy new network stack :open_mouth:


Oh no he didn’t double snap


WHAT? 400Mhz is the final limit? :frowning:

At least we can still get more ram for it


Website had to go down for the upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Josh - It feels more responsive. It was kind of slow lately. :clap:

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@ Architect - I knew there was a reason we were keeping @ Josh around! 8)

@ Josh - Just joking, please don’t change all my passwords! :whistle:


I’ll second that. It is super quick now.

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Yes very responsive (netmf board farm is impressive ! :smiley: :D).

Thanks !

If they were to start charging for the ram download, the people targeted by these 2 products would buy it:

and these:

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Pics or it didn’t happen … :whistle:

[quote][em]AudioQuest’s Diamond RJ/E is a directional Ethernet cable made with the same hallmark materials, philosophy, care and attention that is applied to all their interconnects, whether it’s an entry level introduction to hi-fi or a died-in-the-wool music connoisseur

Lol. Illiterate people selling ridiculous products to gullible people.