Upgrading your car with some high tech gear

This is an award winner tutorial on how to upgrade your car with .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) and Gadgeteer.

[quote]Truth to be told… I failed my driver license. I dont own a car, and I dont like cars…
But while the Fez Spider I bought for a project long time ago were gathering dust, Robin Martin, an IT wizard I knew from my old days at school was interested to make something useful.

Robin does not like coding he is a real 100% IT guy except he does not drink coffee and eats only potatoes… but he likes his car, and doesnt mind hacking some lines of code together to get things done as long as it stays simple.

Thats what he did… 50 lines of code later his home made Fuel Consumption Meter was born. [/quote]
… is how Nicolas started his article. Read more at this link

.NET Micro Framework: .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics
.NET Gadgeteer: https://www.ghielectronics.com/technologies/gadgeteer