Upgrade from G120

At the beginning of last year, I ordered 100 PCBs from China of a specific design around a G120 because a client of mine ordered them.

When I received the boards some months later, they got delayed due to covid, my client was on the edge of banktrupcy due to covid and didnt want the PCBs from me anymore :frowning:

So, now I am left with these boards that feature a G120, aka outdated hardware.

I’ve been working more and more with TinyCLR and SITCore lately and I have fallen in love with it completely. I have also found a alternative use for the PCBs with G120 I have laying around…

So to make 1+1 = 2, I was hoping someone has a somewhat economical way to upgrade my already built hardware to the new SITCore SoMs.

I have considered desoldering the G120 and replacing them with their SITCore counterparts. It’s not only very inconvenient to desolder G120s, the main reason that is holding me back is the fact that it would be such a waste to toss these poor G120s :frowning:


The PCB’s (decent size) cost $2-3 with shipping, the g120 costs about $55. So if you ask me the PCBs and all the other components are almost worthless.

I would try to sell the board as it is, this would best limit the damage.
Or last resort desolder the G120 and resolder to a new client custom board.

If none of that, you can always donate them to a school or something :laughing:

Edit: Im interested to know what will mouser do (or GHI) with the $285K stock of G120.