Updating Nugets packages

Another beginner question here. I am downloading and trying out various tinyclr solutions from github, and a number of them are set up to use 2.1.0-preview4 versions of the tinyclr assemblies. I have installed 2.1.0, the latest release version locally, and I can’t seem to be able to update the preview versions to the release version when I go into the package manager and uninstall the preview version it generates an error because it can’t find the preview version (don’t think it is available to download any more on the website).

Is there a simple way to get the assemblies’ to just point to the release version? I deleted the config.packages file and that didn’t seem to change anything.

Did you delete preview4 in local nuget feed folder?

Yup I did… I solved the problem by getting the owner (Roland, Roschmi) to update his project to 2.1.0, so all is working.

Would it be possible to publish a procedure on how to use a tinyclr github project which references a preview nuget version, where the preview nuget packages are no longer available for downloading locally? There doesn’t seem to be a way to uninstall the “preview” nuget version unless it is already installed in the local system, and as there are no longer any preview nugets on GHI’s website for tinyclr, I cant download and install the preview version so I can uninstall it (I know it makes no sense…)

I actually don’t know a procedure how this can be done, however I have now adapted all my TinyCLR V2 examples on Github/RoSchmi to v2.1.0

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Nuget preview packages don’t get ‘installed’. The preview instructions were just to unzip them to a dir and point at them. After deleting those, the only place they might exist is in your local nuget cache(s), which can be cleared from VS’s Tools->Options->Nuget->General, Clear Caches.

Of course, you also need to update your project’s package references to the released version, which is now on nuget.org. You might also choose to remove the reference to the local directory from your nuget configuration (using the little gear in the upper right of the Manage Nuget Packages window) or by removing it from any nuget.config files you might have created. If you delete the nupkg files, the local preview package directory, or update your project references, that isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps to be tidy.

TinyCLR Config is a different matter - that does get ‘installed’ from an MSI file. You should be able to just install an updated version, or use add/remove programs to remove the old one.

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