Updating from sd card

hello everyone I have panda II board and my question is that:
how can I update program via sd card. for example I m using pc to program panda II but now I dont want to use computer. I would like to send program to sd card and when I want, I will run it? thanks for your helps

Search this forum for phrases “IFU” and “in-field-update”. Also check this out


thank you

Since the doc mentions EMX, I assume this available with the Spider as well.

The sample in the doc uses the Program() method. Thinking about how this might fit into Gadgeteer:

Any reason that I couldn’t build a GRUB like system:

  1. get the list of hex files on the SD
  2. show the names on the Display
  3. let the user select one (GLIDE or on a non-touch screen use physical buttons)
  4. and then do an ApplicationUpdate()

One related security type question – can someone take the hex and gain access to the program logic?

Nothing to stop you on 1-4, that’s how I handle my updates.

For your security question a HEX could be turned back in to source but it would take some doing and it wouldn’t be in the most readable form ever.

could you explain me programupdate() method? this is my question

There are lots of example out there. Basically just call it, send the hex file and call complete. Your device should now be updated and ready to be put back into application mode.