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Updating firmware on DevSys board


I need to update the firmware on my new USBizi 144 DevSys device, but it doesn’t have a “loader” button on it like the Domino. Can I just connect a jumper from ground to pin 1 as I connect the USB cable to put it into bootloader mode?

I wasn’t sure if I should post my question to this forum or the GHI electronics forum, so I apologize if this doesn’t belong here.



This board is not made for beginners and it is no longer in production and it is not spported

It would be much better if you use FEZ.

If you want to try on your own, you can look at the domino schematic vs the devsys schematics to see the differences. Still, I highly recommend you use domino to get started then you can use devsys when you have more experince


I couldn’t find the Domino schematic on the tinyclr site, so I posted the question here thinking it would be an easy enough question. I’ll look for the Domino schematc on the GHI Electronics or the Sparkfun site. Thanks

Edit: found the schematic here under the Domino listing under Hardware/Domino - I was looking in the “downloads” section, sorry about that. Looks like the loader pin does need to be grounded like I thought. And just so you know, the GHI product listing for the DevSys board I bought did say that it was discontinued, but it also said it was still fully supported. Apparantly it was refering to the USBizi 144 chip itself being supported but not the devsys board. If I have more questions, I’ll post on the GHI site since that is where I bought it from. Thanks


Darn, you updated before I found the link and had a chance to reply.

Here’s the link for everyone else: