Updating display configuration. THE MAINBOARD WILL NOW REBOOT

I’m working with Hydra 1.2, MF 4.3. and encounter with a problem when connecting devices to the LCD slots - Hydra starts resetting in a loop, nonstop.
What could it be? And how can it be solved?
(BTW, with MF 4.2, it does not reproduce.)


Another workaround? it didn’t work…

How are you powering the board? Use a powered hub or a power pack.

I’ve experienced this problem a number of times, always on a Hydra and not limited to the same Hydra.
I have not been able to nail down a repeatable means of rectifying the problem either apart from just leaving it to reboot as many times as it wants too before trying again - it can take hours before it settles down and starts playing ball. Very frustrating! :wall: