Updating display configuration. DEVICE WILL NOW REBOOT. visu

for a reason or another when i tried to play with the Compass Module from seeedstudio and loaded the solution that came with the sourc using the VS debug mode, my display went White with the following on the Output:

Updating display configuration. DEVICE WILL NOW REBOOT. Visual Studio might lose connection, and debugging might need to be manually restarted.

and now my display can’t be used even after a reset… and power cycle doesn’t cure it either…
the only way to get back is to load another solution that i have opened which causes the same thing to display and the screen works again.

what is that all about?

I don’t know what’s happening but I also have such behaviour. You simply have to do what is advised, though : restart debugging manually. Which means : click on the the “restart icon” in Visual Studio :slight_smile:

On the picture below, it’s the button on the right, with the “back arrow” on it. And then it’s working.

I had the same issue.

My guess is that it’s much like the cobra as far as supporting multiple displays. In Gadgeteers case though it knows which one it is by module so it updates the settings. And since the device needs reboot for settings to take affect it does so automatically.

Just a guess :wink: