Update without Visual Studio


Is there a way to update the programm on my Cobra-Board without Visual Studio?
I want to upload a new Programm to my Board via the internet.

You can write an updater yourself using the SystemUpdate class.

Read about it here


Check Pyxis2 source code it has a very good reference implementation.

Thanks for your help.
I wrote an updater by myself and it worked fine.

Is it really not some existing software allowing to flash only the user program on FEZ ? as MFDeploy do on other platforms?..

Since we can load and debug through CV2010 through USB or serial link, the function is already developed “somewhere”, so it seems curious that we have to reimplement it by ourselves…

I am not lazy at all, but I don’t like the feeling to reinvent the wheel… :-/

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel you can reference the MFDeploy DLL and go at it…


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Yes, I just see that… so there is something to develop, but it should be easy, thanks to MFDeployEngine.dll, isn’t it?

Hello all,
I dug up this post, because I am now trying to write some code to update firmware without visual studio, but from the target through USB host :

Typically I am trying to do a device able to self update itself when the user plugs a usb penstick. (I work on EMX module) :

  1. User plugs USB stick with a version42.hex file (generated from mfdeploy for exemple)
  2. EMX board detects the USB stick, and a check that it includes the expected file name and the expectead header.
  3. The EMX software ask to copy the .hex file data from USB to the correct flash address
  4. User cycle the power
  5. Update is done!

Is there some similar mecanism already existing? (through a library or some code exemple…)
Obviously, the tricky thing is step 3 : How to copy data from USB to flash? What is the correct flash address? Indeed, I am quite sure that if I try that I have a good chance to accidentally erase the bootloader of my EMX module…


Thank you for your very quick reply, I just found an other exemple on NETMF Library Documentation :wink:

In case it helps :