Update Spider fw issues

I have new FEZ main board, iwant to update it,
I use the new tool
but after I updates (the tool read the version and says it is uo to date)
my network doesn’t work.
I tried to use both the built-in ethernet, and ENC28 ethernet -they are both don’t reply.

before update- my network replied pings.
only after update, it stopped.

I updated via advanced->FEZ spider,
and tried also the default tab of “update firmware”.

Check Network Configuration. I had to “reapply” MAC address on my spider after the update.
MAC address is on the sticker on your Spider’s EMX module.

maybe that is the problem, but don’t understand the syntax of the mac.
in the tool written: 0-21-3-0-0-2.
on the board: 0021038046DD,
how should I write right to update?

@ Chaya - Like this:


@ Architect- try tp u[date, but the gadgeteer doesn’t answer,
I get: “Destination host unreachable”.
maybe it something in the wifi pass phrase or something else, even if I don’t use it ?

I have upgraded my spider with R3, reset MAC and web client code works.

Does your code deploys ok? Do you have display connected?

I solved it,
I found out, I don’t have to change the MAC address.
the flow I do:
update the network settings.
reboot CLR.
deploy my HEX file
and it brings ping.

(in past- it brought ping without depolyment…)