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Update program wirelessly


So this afternoon I was working on my quadcopter and suddenly this came into my mind: Can it be possible to update the code in FEZ wirelessly via XBee? I know I can short the mode pin on FEZ and debug wirelessly but what if I need XBee for transmitting data as well? Is there a way to do both on one serial port?


nevermind… i found this

well… no… it doesn’t tell you how to use the serial port for both…


I’m not sure your XBee will have any sort of worthwhile range with the sort of speed it will want need to be transferring data over for debug and deploy.


In theory this is possible but I do not think anyone has tried it before. Switch debugging to serial and connect an Xbee to to FEZ and to your PC. You can’t use the same interface for both debugging and in-application but you have multiple serial ports to use.


do you mean “a pair of”? LOL

anyways… I thought about a solution… I can install a switch on the MODE pin and turn it on while deploying and turn it off while debugging… LOL


I believe this is possible indeed. You could try and report back, or you could wait a while and I will try myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


A better idea. Use the new in-field update feature to remotely update your application. You can’t debug but you can redeploy using wireless or anything you like


Is this thread about deploying or updating? I am confused now :stuck_out_tongue:



sounds confusing but:

In other words, deploy your updated application :wink:

Only the FEZ Cobra can be updated (firmware) remotely.



imagine this:

pc - ethernet - Fez Cobra - serial - Fez Domino (or Fez Panda or Fez Rhino)

Would it be possible to redeploy an app to the Domino over ethernet through the cobra ?


what’s the difference between deploying and updating?


Gus… looks like the in-field update will be in the next release, am I right?



deploying means installing a app (or new version of app) to your Fez board.

When talking about updating, it’s the firmware.


It is in beta already so you can use it right away fi you have access to the beta


Looks like it’s using wifi to do it? I would like to do it via zigbee… (hey this is the last post for me before getting to Junior level!)

Anyways, I tried shorting the MODE pin by just tying a jumper wire to it, and connected another xbee module to the computer via a Serial to USB module (XBIB-U-DEV), changed the deployment transport to Serial and the respective COM port, and it doesn’t work…?


Why wifi? You can use anything for IFU


Gus, is there a document anywhere for explaining how IFU works?


The documentation has a lot of info and I believe Mike added more examples to the documentation too…which is not out yet.


REALLY? Anything? that’s freakin’ cool!


Found the document:

It’s pretty easy. Basically, you just feed it a byte array.