Update problem Firmware2.hex fails

I have a (older) Spider II board and have to update it.
Config.hex and Firmware.hex without Problems.
Firmware2.hex fails.
Please help …

Please describe your issue in more detail.
DO you have a single board? If yes, why do you use IFU ( you meantioned this in other thread).

If you get this error with FW Updater/FEZConfig:
Have you also updated the bootloader?

@ havo - If you are flashing Spider II Firmware, then that is your problem. Retry the update using Spider firmware.

@ James, Speaking of the Spider II, when will this board be put up for sale?

sorry for my late answer. i had to think about all …

i have a Spider, not a Spider 2.

i use fez config and choose advanced, than loader (tiny booter) update for Spider.

in the Picture (see Image) i see the configuration Switches - when i set the configuration and put the Switches 2,3,4 to on, i get the Problem. i can`t reboot in this configuration
and i also get a message, that the usb device is not ok.

in normal configuration (all Switches off) the device boots.
also in Spider II configuration for updating (3 and 4 on).

i have absolutely no idea what to do …

thanks and best regards,


yes, this is the Problem.

if i Switch the 3 Switches to loader mode and boot than the Screen becomes White and the usb Errors also Comes.

this Problem stays. i have reinstalled all Software - always the same …

@ havo -

Updating only firmware => all switches don’t need to be changed, can be off at all.
Updating TinyBooter + Firmware (reflash all) => FEZ Spider I (also called FEZ Spider) does not need switch 4. There are only 1-2-3 need to be on, that is all.

In normal configuaration, 1-2-3-4 should be off.

You were trying wrong switch that causes that problem, I think.

And the switches are different function on Spider II.