Update on the plan for TinyCLR OS and the 11th preview release

In case you haven’t heard, our TinyCLR OS is a .NET operating system for tiny devices. It is programmed with Microsoft Visual Studio in C# and Visual Basic. It includes everything you would expect from a modern system: from memory management and threading to breakpoints and stepping through code.

With this release (v0.11.0), we have proven our vision for TinyCLR OS. The OS will continue to be a portable library and we will continue to provide several open-source drivers for many devices. As part of that vision, this release moves a number of the major components out of the core library (with more to be moved in the next release). This helps keep the size down to target very small and low-power devices. The sources and libraries that we provide are distributed under the Apache 2 license (which allows commercial and non-commercial use). Furthermore, we will provide pre-compiled firmware with our commercial products that will include premium features that are in high demand by our commercial customers.

In short, the TinyCLR OS core is a 100% hardware independent library that is compiled for Cortex-M microcontrollers. This library ships with open-source ports and drivers for several devices. Our products will ship with pre-compiled firmware that includes additional commercial premium features.

Okay, that sounds great, but when?
Now that we are done moving things around the core, we are aiming for a beta this summer and production release in the fall. Stay tuned for further announcements and a detailed roadmap.

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